Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A third Ironwood battle

Kevin kindly agreed to play a game with my Ironbow-derived Zulus game, Ironwood, giving him the distinction of being only the third person ever to play this game. As in the previous two games, there was only the most cursory nod towards a ‘scenario’, and two boxes full of Zulus (5 regiments in all) took on a battalion each of British regulars and Natal Native contingent, with 4 troops of colonial horse for variety. There was some rough ground, woods and a stream on the Zulu right, and a small wood in the (Zulu) left-centre of the board. Kevin took the Zulus and deployed a line of smallish columns along his base edge planning to advance them, at different speeds so as to form two waves by the time they reached me. His force was evenly distributed across his whole front, but he saw this very much as a sacrificial covering force in the centre (where he expected to meet the regulars) and two strong flanking forces.